SPOT Personal Tracker, Emergency GPS Locator providing safty communication services for those who live and work in the great outdoors

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SPOT gives you a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when and where you need it. And since it utilizes 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world - even where cell phones don't.

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Hunting, hiking, whatever you are doing in the great outdoors - you can send a message to your friends and family letting them know that you are OK.


Need Emergency Help?
SPOT's 911 Alert lets you notify emergency services that you need assistance and sends your coordinates so they can find you.


New WCB regulations require Employers to develop and implement a procedure for checking the well-being of any worker assigned to work alone or in isolation.

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SPOT Emergency GPS Locator

Backcountry Adventures has been guiding clients into the great outdoors from around the world! We understand the need to be able to provide check-in points, tracking routes and reliable emergency response systems. SPOT does all that and a lot more.

Whether you are a jogger, hiker, fisherman, hunter, snowmobiler, skier, snowboarder or just happen to be travelling where cell phones don't go, SPOT has you covered. You might expect to pay around $500 for this type of service, but with SPOT you pay only $169.99 plus a small annual service fee.

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Spot Personal Tracker Features

Unlike a traditional GPS device - SPOT utilizes dual satellite networks to receive your location as well as transmit it along with programmed messages to the recipient of your choice. Currently employed by over 50,000 government and industrial clients with a greater than 99% message success rate. Order Spot Personal Outdoor Safety GPS Tracker Now

SPOT Personal Tracker provices emergency communication services for hikers, campers, bikers, hunters, fishermen, snowmobilers and outdoor workers.